Our outdoor sidewalk cafe is hibernating for the winter.

The Ale House is thrilled to be able to offer outdoor seating in our sidewalk patio cafe. The area is sheltered from the sun and rain with a 45ft. marquee and surrounded by beautiful flower boxes. It seats about 50 people and is open only during the outdoor season. Just one more thing to look forward to after a snowy Chicago winter. Cheers!

A TIMECAPSULE of photos is found!

You won’t believe what we found tucked away in the basement rafters!

While sorting out the basement of the Ale House we discovered a batch of old photos and newspapers hidden in some rafters. These artifacts show a glimpse of Brookfield way back in the day - some dating to 1908 of children attending the local school house; Gross school, named after the founder of the town Samuel E. Gross. There's a variety of super awesome fire department team shots and others of the local streets and businesses. We got them scanned, cleaned and labeled to share with the town on Facebook, but we had no idea of the overwhelming response and outpouring of excitement from the people of Brookfield. Over 500 people chimed in to view them and learn a bit about their town's past. We had a few people that really knew the history of the town and were able to give some fantastic insight on the photos, what they were, where they were taken and everyone shared some stories they had when growing up.

It made us feel proud to be part of this community and that we made the right choice to establish our business here in Brookfield formerly know as Grossdale.

We love how Brookfield is rich in history and we're so glad these old photos were tucked away by someone from our past to be found today. That said, we can't wait to enlarge these old photos from a century ago and showcase them in the restaurant which will fit right in with our decor of reclaimed wood, and things of the past.  - Cheers!